Saturday, September 7, 2013

My 14 Year Old Daughter Speaks To Nursing Education

My daughter the smartaleck just took me to task for berating and belittling the anesthesia nurses who want to destroy all of our minds with Versed.  I have been absolutely astonished by the lack of writing skills exhibited by most of these (cough) educated nurses.  But hold on to your hats folks, I may have been WRONG about their education...

My daughter says that nurses probably only have to remember things about drugs, and a few phrases.  Phrases like "Versed is a wonderful drug".  "Everybody loves Versed."  "Versed is to help you relax."  All of us who have been harmed by Versed have heard these phrases.  That's because that's what they learn in school, according to the kid.  Phrases.  The names of drugs, and phrases.  I'm pretty sure that don't teach much on mechanisms of action, especially for Versed because NOBODY KNOWS!  The brain just isn't that well understood.  That won't stop the nurses from creating chemical Alzheimer's with Versed.  It doesn't stop them from denying that this chemical Alzheimer's can be permanent.  Oh hell no, because using your head and common sense aren't taught either.  But back to what my 14 year old says.

She says that maybe the nurses who come here and have atrocious writing, spelling and punctuation mastery haven't had an English or writing class since high school.  I'm surprised that she would think this.  Don't nurses have to write reports, term papers, essays, anything?  Don't nurses have to write things to show that they know what certain meds are indicated or contraindicated?  How do they get through college without any writing assignments?  How do they write up the reports at work?  Do they simply check boxes?  I find it hard to believe that anesthesia nurses especially aren't required to have a rudimentary grasp of the written language...  It's hard to believe but the proof is in the comments I've received from these people and their blurbs all over the web. 

I need more information about what the curricula is in nursing school.  When I was in college as a pre-vet med student, I was REQUIRED to have English, creative writing, a foreign language, stuff like art appreciation, art history, US history, all kinds of courses besides the ones that I would need to get into vet school.  They were called "prerequisites" and  I better have that 4.0 gpa or I wouldn't get into UC Davis.  What has happened to education in the intervening years?  How is it that a nurse can claim a masters degree and be unable to write a single sentence without error(s)?  It's mystifying.

These semi-literate people are the ones intent upon assaulting our brains with Versed.  So there you have it.  My daughter's defense of the level of education for nurses in charge of life and death situations.  This isn't comforting to me.

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