Monday, September 16, 2013

THIS Is Funny? Only To Medical People

Here's a link you should ALL find shocking.  Woman Sues Hospital for Sticker Prank During Surgery - ABC News

*I* don't find this amusing in any way.  How humiliating.  How could the entire staff find this  behavior acceptable?   If they will do this to one of their own, can you imagine what they do to us when we are at our most vulnerable?  Unfortunately for me, I REMEMBER the nastiness of the crna *I* had.  He would NEVER have said that stuff to my face if he hadn't given me an amnesia drug against my will and which did not work in the expected way.  Do you think this nurses coworkers would have tried this on her if she were awake? 

They OVER MEDICATED her in order to have their fun.  Isn't that dangerous?  They over medicated me to show me who was boss, this is worse.  What do we have to do in order to get this kind of thing to stop?

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