Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How My Blog Works

It has come to my attention that I haven't explained how comments are put up on my blog effectively enough to get through the thick skulls of my oh-so-smart detractor(s).  I will try to explain this concept one more time, and for the last time.

I and I alone decide what comments appear on my pages.  Get it?  I am the ultimate arbiter.  I can capriciously decide not to publish them.  I can arbitrarily decide I WANT to publish them.  I can take them out of context.  I can write a whole post of my own using the comment as a basis for my essay.  Once you hit the send/enter button I can do whatever I want with the comments.  Am I clear yet?

For the insane nurse who feels that all he has to do is use a "nom de plume" to get through my "filter", HAHAHAHAHA!  You idiot!  I don't have any filters on my blog.  ALL comments come to me in my inbox at nomidazolam@aol.com.  Once I receive them, there are links that I can click to publish the comment, delete it, save it elsewhere, etc.  This is all subject to my discretion.  You may use any name you want, but the only way your comment will appear is if *I* personally click the "publish" link from the e-mail containing your thoughts.   See if you can follow... no comments (zero, zilch, nada, none) are automatically added to my blog.  I have the blog set NOT to do that.  Comprendes tu?

My fellow Versed victims seem to be able to grasp this novel idea instantly.  It's only the "educated" people who seem to have a problem with the whole "where's my comment" stuff.  This peculiar lapse of common sense/computer savvy is topped off by brilliant medical people trying to use a different name in the vain hope that somehow the computer will suddenly defy my wishes and publish comments which have not been reviewed and directed to be published by ME!  LOL 

I hope that this clears up any confusion.

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