Sunday, August 18, 2013

Striking Things In Medical Consent Forms

There is one thing that I have noticed since my Versed debacle...  Apparently nobody actually reads the medical forms.  I can't stress this enough.  You MUST read the forms!  Don't just sign them.  The hospital I went to recently told me that NOBODY has ever read the forms or stricken ANYTHING!  They say that patients ALWAYS just sign the forms!  (except for me apparently)  I can hardly believe this is true, but even in my dentists office they claim that I am the only person who has ever perused their document and questioned it, let alone stricken any parts of the LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT.  I don't answer their intrusive questions about my health either.  The dentist doesn't need all that information.  What are all you patients doing out there?  You do NOT have to agree to all their falderall in order to get treatment.  Stand up for yourselves!

I have been taken to task and called a "stupid bitch" for signing what I thought was a blood transfusion document which was really a blanket consent for anything and everything they wanted to do along with anybody at all doing the procedure.  I will never sign another "consent" document without reading and questioning anything I find in it that I don't like or understand.  I demand any "copy of the policy" which they imply will be given.  Am I the only person who does this, like they claim?

I also read every single line of their privacy policy and demand "opt-out" paperwork.  They have NEVER had this document on hand.  They are ALWAYS surprised that I would demand the document which is clearly delineated in their intake paperwork.  What the HELL???  After all my railing against unlawful treatment going way beyond the scope of what the patient wishes, desires, signs up for, NOBODY ELSE is questioning and striking the illegal parts in the"consent to treat" or "informed consent"? 

The LAW isn't going to help us as patients.  Nobody in the medical field cares about the LAW.  The government who made the laws doesn't give a damn about the law being followed.  The only defense we have is to read those contracts and refuse to sign, strike certain clauses and demand the other documents that the contract says we have a right to.  Stop letting medical workers take advantage of you.  Make them FOLLOW THE LAW!  We have rights, don't let medical entities steal them.

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