Monday, September 2, 2013

Laugh For The Day

Here's a comment I just got...

suxxit has left a new comment on your post "MDA vs CRNA In Plain English":

"You,are an idiot, and most likely an MDA or being paid by one."

Any punctuation Nazi's can get a good laugh out of this comment regardless of the content of the statement.  This is a person who seems to be claiming a superior education and yet...

When you look at the "handle" this person is using, they are making a reference to suxamethonium/ succinylcholine.  Nearly every single nurse anesthetist in the world gives themselves such an online name.  It almost always has some kind of self serving drug name in it, apparently to advertize the fact(?) that they are in anesthesia.  So boringly predictable. 

So now "suxxit" goes on to inform us of his/her absolute disdain for DOCTORS who specialize in anesthesia.  All you MDA's must be so thrilled to see that a crna feels that you are an idiot.  Nowhere near the exalted plane where anesthesia nurses are.  MDA's are scum of the  The HUBRIS of these lowly nurses claiming that they and only they are possessors of any kind of knowledge.  It's hysterical.  So transparent. ALL of us who are not crna's are "idiots" according to "suxxit".    There is a name for this kind of psychopathology.  I wonder if this nurse has enough education to recognise what it is.  Hint:  In some circles it's known as "narcissistic personality disorder." 

Honeybabe, I don't need to be an MDA or be paid by one to recognize an insane nurse when I see what they write and/or how they act.  I actually use statements like yours and my personal experiences with anesthesia nurses (and other assorted a.p. nurses) and extrapolate from that just what kind of people you are.  The results are NOT flattering to you individually or as a group. 

By the way, as I informed little "suxxit", I DIDN'T WRITE THE ARTICLE THAT HE/SHE REFERENCES!  Apparently this distinction isn't readily apparent to this anesthesia nurse.  Isn't that amazing?  With his/her powers of observation, being unable to see that *I* didn't write the article gives me grave doubts about their powers of observation while they are, say, giving people anesthesia.  Scary thought.

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