Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yet another victim

I got this e-mail at where I can be reached.  I'm printing this letter with the full permission of the author.

"I needed a hernia operation, my fourth. First one was 20 years ago, second 10 years ago, third a month prior on one side and now needed the other side done.

The three prior surgeries were done with spinal anesthesia methods and went very well, so I absolutely refused general or midazolam. As I had been sexually abused as a child and then felt abused by two male doctors, later, I was adamantly against general anesthesia or memory wiping. Also, as the first three surgeries went very well I was not about to change things.

The student CRNA kept insisting, prior to surgery, that I must have midazolam for anxiety. I said NO on three occasions and reminded her that anesthesia doctor had ordered that I only be given the spinal and no midazolam.

They administered the midazolam intravenously against my will.

I woke up in recovery and instantly felt violated. I was so upset that security escorted me from the recovery room right out of the hospital. I do not remember sleeping any of the next three nights. I was suicidal. It was Christmas and my suicidal thoughts plagued us for weeks without let-up until I checked into a psychiatric hospital for 12 days. I had never sought psychiatric care of any nature before this."
Does anything more need to be said? 

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