Friday, July 5, 2013

We Are Slaves, All Of Us

If you think of it, this whole blog is premised on the thought that the medical community feels that our bodies are THEIR personal property to be used/abused and drained of money.  I was treated like some kind of inferior being by the folks at the hospital *I* went to.  My desires were not important.  My restrictions on what they could do to me, mind and body were completely them.  They OWNED me.  They had the perfect right to attack me, destroy my mind, botch my surgery, give me a hospital acquired infection etc. because *I* (and probably you) belong to THEM, body and soul while you are in their clutches.  Their purpose is to make money off of you.  They do shoddy workmanship because you are not a real person.  They don't care about you as long as they can get your hard earned money and convert it to their own.  Isn't that how people used to treat slaves?  Steal their money and their autonomy? 

Did you celebrate "Independence Day" yesterday?  We as a country gained independence from the capricious rule of a foreign king.  Do we have independence from a "king" today?  Aren't we slaves subject to the whims and rules of a tyrannical government?  Don't our "rulers" think that we are their slaves, working to support them and their lifestyle?  Don't we pay enormous amounts of our income as "taxes" on everything.  Taxation I might add that would make ole King George the Third smile and rub his hands together.  Our own government is no less gleeful as they ponder how to get even more of our, sorry THEIR money, out of our hands.  Now they have the "Affordable Care Act" to remove the last vestiges of autonomy from us, in collusion with the medical industry.

It's all about control these days, in the government and in the medical field.  (That's what Versed is REALLY about, control)  Here in my city we are not allowed to have sparklers.  The city puts on a shindig for us slaves to keep us happy.  We aren't ALLOWED to have our own fireworks lest we hurt our little selves.  We are too stupid to trust.  We aren't really human, just child-like proto-humans, in need of their protection.  Isn't this how they viewed/treated slaves?  Just a sub human life form to be worked and kept healthy so that the master could have more money? 

Look at the wording of the "Affordable Care Act."  Do you see where the law is supposed to "protect productivity"?  It's mentioned several times.  Productivity.  As in producing income for our government.  Did you see the part where the government has DIRECT access to your bank account?  That way they can take THEIR money out of your bank account.  That's how they see it.  It's their money that they have graciously allowed us to keep...until they want it.  That's how the medical field sees it as well.  We now have an unholy collusion between big government and big medical.  It's not going to be fun being a slave, count on it.  The only "good" part of it, if you can call it that, is that we have slowly been inculcated with the slave mindset by all the laws, rules, regulations, fines, fees, behavior modification attempts, restrictions, taxes on everything and so forth that the final chains won't be so onerous.  Maybe.

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