Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Next Victim of Versed Tells His Story

Here's an e-mail I got at  In this one a man details a lot of what I personally felt about being assaulted with Versed.  I'm telling you that this drug is bad, so is this guy.  Certain people (including me) change into monsters if their brain is tampered with.  Read his letter and tell me how it exactly parallels what so many of us feel after a bad Versed trip! 

warning; language

"Hi, I saw your blog about Versed. It really is terrible medicine.

 I was given it in the ER and it turned me evil with homicidal rage. I begged them not to give me the medicine and they would give it to me anyway. They had to tie me to the bed. Since I couldn't physically harm anyone, I became verbally abusive.

 I don't remember much from the experience. Just an overwhelming sense of being wronged. Like they bullied and abused me.

 The hallucinations were scary. I hope they were hallucinations. I saw a night nurse bring in a leaded briefcase with radiation warning stickers. It contained radioactive stones and he would put them by my groin. I thought the nurse was trying to give me cancer or something. I also saw him inject a syringe in his arm then into my IV.

 It seemed very real at the time. I was in fear for my life, and was looking for anything that could be used as a weapon, like a screwdriver. I would have killed that nurse, given the opportunity. I was helpless, tied up and couldn't find anything.

 I was so out of it, the nurse asked where I was, and Id say Im at the basketball game, cuz that's what was on the tv. The sitters would watch dumb tv shows like Criminal Minds that's mostly about murder and mayhem. Makes me think they caused the disturbing hallucinations and fear.

 My fears aren't unfounded. I saw a story on 60 Minutes about a nurse that was convicted of killing over 30 people. Investigators think he may killed over 100 people. The hospitals protected him. When they suspected wrong doing, they would just ask him to leave and not investigate further. They avoided knowing what happened to avoid lawsuits.

 I will die before I go back to the hospital. Fuck them!"

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  1. Just wanted to let my author here know, I've gotten a private e-mail from a fellow Versed sufferer and she LOVES your last statement. I think it's what SHE would like to say, but is too much of a lady!