Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Restrained By Versed"

Here's a sad story about a doctor's regret about a patient of his.  Look at the first statement from here;  I failed to appease pain during her life, so she died terribly 

(excerpt) "Ellen died a clockwork machine, restrained by Versed, fed by nasal tube, secretions in bags, and as her blood pressure dropped intravenous pressors accelerated in dose until blood squeezed from her extremities left fingertips dry and black as coal."

"Restrained by Versed" this poor lady had to deal with all this while unable to stop them or request more pain meds.  She was doomed to waiting, conscious of everything, for death to take her out of the torture chamber she found herself in.  I sure hope I die of something catastrophic so that the medical field can't do this to me. 

Using Versed as a chemical restraint isn't something that most medical people will admit to.  However it seems that this is EXACTLY why they use it as shown by this doctor.  Remember why this is called CONSCIOUS sedation.  You are CONSCIOUS but not necessarily "sedated".  Your muscles are flaccid, but your brain still has the same brain waves as unmedicated people.  There is no way to tell what the drug is doing to a person's psyche, and most medical workers don't care.  Can you imagine a worse nightmare?

Thanks to Dr. Salwitz for recognising this barbarism.

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