Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Like This Guy

As I wind my way through the internet I occasionally find a kindred spirit.  Here's a guy who "likes" advanced practice nurses as much as I've grown to like them.  (not)  Here are some scathing comments from him.

Jason Simpson 21 days ago

"Shifting to a team-based model will only increase costs.
For the same episode of care, we are now paying for a physician, an NP, a PA, a social worker, a pharmacist and a copule of other ancillary people when in the past we would have paid only an MD.
Why are we paying 5 people for the work of 1? Costs will skyrocket as everybody bills insurance for the same patient encounter."

I've said the same thing.

"When my son needed anesthesia for a tonsillectomy, a person pretending to be a doctor wearing a white coat walked into the room and said "hello I'm Jackie and I'll be your anesthesiologist today." (emphasis mine)

I knew she was lying because her name tag clearly read "Jackie Jones, CRNA" on it.

I called her out on her lies and said that in no way would that lying piece of trash be near my son during the surgery. The surgeon came in, I explained what the charlatan tried to do, and he promptly called the department chairman of the anesthesiology department to come down and handle the anesthesia personally.

I refuse to ever let a watered down nurse play doctor with myself or my kids." (Now where have we heard that sentiment before?  Oh yeah, here on this blog.)

"My experience: MDs > PAs > NPs

NPs are lazy 9-5 employees who clock out and go home at the end of their shift. They dont contribute anything to medical research or advance the profession. Their idea of "scholarship" is to write a study about the stresses/pressures of home care givers or some other soft social research BS that provides no real value.

Like I said above, there are certainly many lousy MDs out there too, but at least I've found a good number who are smart, hard-working, and actually contribute meaningful information and research to healthcare.

NPs are grocery store clerks sent by their bosses to collect the bill.  (I love this!  Emphasis mine)

I've also had many more misdiagnoses by NPs than MDs. One NP told me that my son should take liquid albuterol instead of inhaled albuterol for his asthma! LOL I've seen a few misdiagnoses by doctors too, but the NP mistakes greatly outnumber them."

ROFL!  I just had this conversation with a nurse in regards to grocery personnel.  A psycho nurse said that we should all be bagging groceries as we are his INFERIORS.  Here Jason puts the correct spin on it. 


  1. This guy is almost as sharp as you..LOL! He has no idea what we do or dont do...HAHAHAHA! Everybody is tough on the bout in person bagger boy?? The entertainment value of this blog gets better all the time. Its a shame that its so full of utter nonsense! Hell nobody even comments on the blog...ROTLMAO!!!!! Breaker One Nine good buddy!!! Toot!! Toot!!!

  2. Well hello again JConnor! You love me so much you are now making up new names to try to "fool" me into posting your tripe! ROFL "good buddy". You know what "good buddy" refers to don't you Mr. Know-it-all? LOL I'm not the right sex to be your "good buddy". Nobody ever says "breaker one nine". You've been watching too much tv. Turn it off.

    This "guy" is a pediatric cardiology surgeon, better be careful. If "jason" contacts me I'll be sure to tell him who you are. He might run into you.

  3. Oh yeah and John, can you tell me what ROTLMAO means? I can't decipher it. Rolling On The Laughing My Ass Off means what? What are you rolling on? A few things spring to mind, probably NOT what you implying you are rolling on, or shall I say ROLLING IN? You should write RIBSLMCAO. Rolling In Bull Shit, Laughing My Crazy Ass Off. It would be more appropriate, considering your pathology.

  4. Hey John, "Everybody is tough on the bout in person bagger boy??" You are not so tough now are you John? I told you not to mess with me.