Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More From Jason About Nurses

"How does it feel when the surgeon yells at you to raise the bed up or down?

How does it feel to be a MALE nurse? LMAO"
This guy is more rude than I am.  I feel better now.
 "NPs suck, they dont know what they are doing and just refer everybody to a specialist who doesnt need to go to one if they actually knew what they were doing.

My doctor wanted me to see his NP that worked in his office. I quite going after 3 visits because the NP wanted me to see a specialist for every little thing because she was too stupid to know how to fix the problem herself."

And another astute observation;

"Sorry dude you're still just a male nurse. I'm sorry you are so broken up over that. You can try to hide it with a white coat or claiming that you got some fake doctorate that nobody respects that you got out of a cracker jack box, but at the end of the day you are just a male nurse. I know this bothers you but you need to get over it and DEAL WITH IT! LOL"

"LOL I'm glad you brought up New Mexico. The idiot governor said that giving NPs independence would mean all the rural New Mexico folks would get good primary care. He was wrong!

In 1990 there were exactly 23 rural clinics in New Mexico run by MDs.

In 2012 there were 24 rural clinics, and only one of them is run by an NP.

NPs like 9-5 hours working in big cities just like doctors do. They also like working as employees, they dont like running their own business/clinic.

Thats why for every "independent" NP running a clinic, there are 10,000 who work 9-5 jobs under a doctor.

This is why NPs will never solve the primary care problem, even if they get full independence."

And more;

"Yeah your fake nurse certifications! Where did you get those, out of a cracker jack box? LOL"

There are so many more that I will have to put them in different posts as I find the time.


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