Monday, July 8, 2013

Nurse Rogers aka Last Call Killer

Here's a story about a nurse that got caught. 

Richard W. Rogers, aka Last Call Killer, is sentenced to life — Last Call Killer — Crime Library on

Here's another one:

Richard Rogers | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers  In this one I want to draw your attention to the drug used to gain compliance so that this nurse, employed at a very prestigious hospital, Mt. Sinai, could kill them more easily.  Or did he just inject them with our (ahem) favorite drug and dismember them alive?  OMG can you imagine?  Here's the excerpt;  "On May 28, 2001, Mr. Rogers was arrested at Mount Sinai Hospital. When investigators searched his home at 62 Bridge Court on Staten Island, they found a bottle of Versed, a sedative that can be used as a date-rape drug, (emphasis mine) rug fibers consistent with those found with Mr. Mulcahy's body, and "several photographs of unknown men on which stab wounds had been drawn," according to court documents."  Versed should be banned.

This same nurse got away with murder by claiming self defense while he was still in nursing school.  How does it happen that nurses with a violent past get hired in the first place?  He killed somebody with a HAMMER for heaven's sake!  WTH?  Wouldn't that be a red flag or (ominously) do nurses not have to have a "background check" like truck drivers have for hauling hazardous materials? 

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  1. In 1991,I was @ The Townhouse Bar in NYC. My drink was drugged & I was brought home & robbed. I remember very little due to the drugged drink. It was reported to the NYC police without any follow up by by the police. Having watched the ID Chanell's film on Richard Rogers I am convinced it was him. Does anyone know how I can follow up on this crime. My passport , Cartier watch,etc was stolen & I was groggy for 3 days thereafter.ERA1818