Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tammy Wynette Dead From VERSED?

I have no explanation why I haven't picked up on this tidbit in all this time...  I was watching a biography on Tammy Wynette this morning and Versed was mentioned as the probable cause of Tammy's death.  Tammy's own daughter is a nurse and believes that the Versed is the reason for Tammy's death.  She also clarifies that she is not allowed to inject Versed into any of her patients.  She also claims that Tammy's husband, George Richey, was regularly injecting Versed into the i.v. that was permanently placed into her.  Tammy's husband was not a nurse, nor was he authorized to inject this poison. 

If you google Tammy/Versed you will find hours of reading, and many denials that Versed could have been the culprit.  Because Tammy needed other painkiller drugs as well as the illegal injections of Versed, there is plausible deniability that Versed caused her death.  However, her daughter the nurse understands what Versed is...  AND she feels that Versed WAS the cause of her mother's death.

Here's a quote from here; What did tammy wynette die from  "Versed is a very dangerous drug and should only be administered in a hospital setting. George Richey denied being told that Versed was a dangerous drug."
Of course nobody said anything about Versed being a dangerous drug!  Medical people deny it to this day, even after the MJ debacle.  I wonder if Versed had anything to do with the tragedy of Anna Nicole and her son?  Anything to do with Versed seems to be hushed up.  Versed/Midazolam is a wonderful, benign, beneficial, side effect free drug, right?  Don't you dare say anything against it! 


  1. Any drug can be lethal if not properly used. You can overdose on Tylenol, you know? Perhaps you should start telling people that healthcare workers are evil because they administer Tylenol or Advil. Versed is a safe drug. However, it is not safe when administered by someone who is not an RN, CRNA, or MD. By the way, what credentials do you have that make you an expert on this "evil" drug?

  2. Mr. or Ms. Knowitall, do you really think that your comparison of over the counter pain medications with a brain poison like Versed is anything but ridiculous? You can't be serious. Tylenol and Advil are safe or they wouldn't be sold over the counter. Get it? They are PAIN medications, aspirin substitues. There is no comparison. Versed is NOT SAFE, even in the miniscule amounts given! Versed is NOT a pain medication. The only reason YOU would claim otherwise is because you don't have enough education to grasp the seriousness of the Versed induced problems. You don't have the slightest clue about the delicate processes of the human brain and the fundamental problems with screwing with it for your own convenience. This drug isn't safe for patients no matter WHO gives it. It is a POISON! It can KILL you. It can cause DEMENTIA. I WRECKS the minds of lots of people who may or may not return to normal brain function. Tell my what research you have done in order to come here and try to demean me. What credentials do you have? What think tank do you belong to that studies brain function? Do you know why Versed causes amnesia? How about the people who don't get amnesia? What is different in the brain chemistry of certain people that they don't get amnesia? Why do some people respond to being poisoned with Versed with a paradoxical reaction? Can't answer? I thought not. Because you are an insufferably arrogant person lacking in any self awareness, without the background to comment on this blog. Otherwise you would admit that you are freakin clueless. You shoot people up with poison because YOU like it and then deny that your precious drug is the culprit in the severe side effects/effects. It really is all about you isn't it? Moron!