Monday, December 17, 2012

Legal Drugs and Lethal Violence

Some people just don't need drugs.  It is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE how much our medical workers want to drug us.  This blog is about just one of them, Versed, a benzo, but there are a lot of other drugs which cause problems for people.  Here's a video about some others...

Drugs The Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Nearly All Recent Mass-Shootings

Isn't it amazing that nearly every single one of the school shooters was on some kind of LEGAL drug.  You know, the ones that medical folks think are good for us.  I myself tried Chantix for my nicotine addiction and almost immediately grew depressed and suicidal.  I guess killing yourself pretty much cures smoking!  Ya think?  But is this the 'cure' that I had in mind?  Not quite.

When I was assaulted with Versed, I grew murderously angry.  Ask any of my nurses if they want me to be given Versed again.  The whole time that my crna Aaron was claiming I was oh so very relaxed, I was absolutely furious.  I remain angry to this day.  His administration of Versed to make his job easier and to bypass my rights was the culprit.  How many times do I have to repeat that I WILL attack anybody who gives me this drug again.  I know how I felt while under the influence of Versed, and I remember what I wanted to do.  (no amnesia)  I won't even TRY to control the drug induced rage next time!  It's too hard.  I used up all my self control the first time Versed happened to me.  There is no more confusion about what is going on when I suddenly can't speak and want to obey.  The minute either of those two things happens to me next time, I will react.  Remember that one of the effects of Versed is a loss of inhibition. 

Will the newspaper report that I went on an inexplicable murderous rampage, or will they tell everybody that a potent benzodiazepine called Versed caused me to go out of control?  Same with all these school shootings.  Almost every single one of these kids is on some kind of brain melting chemical.  I'm sorry but all this 'gun control' stuff won't do a damn thing unless and until we can convince the FDA and all those doctors who routinely prescribe what I call 'murder pills' to stop doing that. 

In my case, let's start with not using Versed.

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