Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Practising" On Drugged Patients

I have droned on and on about how medical people use us a a living cadaver.  I find it shocking and completely unethical, not to mention AGAINST THE LAW!  I don't know very many people who want some apprentice working on them, especially if they do it in a sneaky way.  Informed consent is supposed to be INFORMED, but it almost never is.  Here's an article that a friend sent me...

Doctors in training taught to physically violate unconscious patients Learn more: ht

Yes, once again it's from that bastion of bigotry over at nurse-anesthesia.  There are a couple of posts from nurses that are on our side, but for the most part these cretins have zero problems with using us as their lab rats.  They may have more feelings towards the rats because they are so cute...  One person goes so far as to say that we shouldn't go to a 'teaching hospital' if we don't want to be gang raped and fondled by all and sundry, in full view of anybody who wants to look.  Sorry folks but this attitude smacks of sociopathic behavior.  We patients are not there for your edification and convenience.  How the Hell would we know that the place is a teaching hospital and that they will USE US for their own selfish wishes?  Besides which aren't there trainees at ALL hospitals?  Just asking! 

Patients, especially those of us who have moral character would probably never stoop to the kind of behavior exhibited by our medical workers.  Naturally since we ourselves would never act like this, we don't suspect others of behaving in such a diabolical way!  We need fair warning of this kind of behavior from our medical workers.  Any training workshops being undertaken upon our physical and mental being needs to have the full knowledge and CONSENT of the patient. 

Is there a neon sign out front that says "Beware, Teaching Hospital'?  Is there one single sentence in our informed consent that states that "This is a teaching hospital and you will be subjected to being used as a training device for NUMEROUS student lackeys"?  (of course it won't be an exact duplicate of my sentencer here, lol)  Is there anything in the verbiage that gives SPECIFIC consent for this kind of activity?  No of course not.  NOBODY WOULD WANT THIS!  That being said, how dishonest is it to conceal the facts from the hapless patient?  An informed consent should be exactly that.  Just because we may be unaware of things going on around us, doesn't mean that you people have carte blanche to do things to us that, if aware, we would take exception to! 

In these days of total surveillance, I hope that soon we patients can request a video of our procedure.  SOMEBODY needs to yank on the reins of medical people as they are in full runaway mode. 

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