Monday, December 17, 2012

Ketamine And Versed Along With Propofol

Over at nurse-anesthesia I'm seeing more and more about adding yet one more freakout drug into the anesthesia mix called Ketamine.  This is called 'Special K' on the street.  Its claim to fame is lifelike hallucinations and disassociation.  Disassociation is also a very bad mental disorder (depersonalization disorder) that these medical people want to chemically induce, just like the chemical Alzheimer's that they induce with Versed.  (also can be described by another dissociative disorder called dissociative amnesia)

Propofol isn't good enough for our medical workers.  They must "butter us up" with Versed and then add Ketamine to the mix.  FOR WHAT?  This makes their job easier, that's what.  They don't want to deal with us or manage our pain.  They want to screw up our brain for a while (or maybe forever) just so they can brag to one another how wonderful they are.  Brag about how easy it is for them to work with a brain dead patient.  What do they care what we want?  I have not seen one single thing about whether their 'cocktail' is good for the PATIENT.  THESE PEOPLE DO NOT REFER TO PATIENT SATISFACTION!

Isn't it bad enough that we need our physical body cut open etc. without having to have our brain destroyed as well?  Think of how terrible it is to have our anesthetists create havoc within our brains that we need to heal as an adjunct to having to heal our body!  Has anybody explained to them how hard it is to heal physically if our brains have been tampered with?  I know *I* didn't heal well after general anesthetic, but healed up fast after a nerve block only in my numerous surgeries.

Most people would be shocked at the cavalier disregard for our brain function by our so-called caregivers.  I don't think most people would be sanguine about having medical professionals 'experimenting' with dangerous street drugs, just so we can have a simple (or not so simple) medical procedure. 

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