Thursday, November 1, 2012

Death From Anesthesia

Here's an interesting video about a hernia repair on a healthy young male patient which turned deadly due to anesthesia.  Unfortunately this video doesn't say WHICH anesthetic wasn't reversible, but my bet is on Versed.  Which other anesthetic is played with by anesthesia providers to the degree that Versed is?  You have probably all read about how 'safe' Versed is even in huge amounts.  Just go over to nurse-anesthesia and look at how they use this poison.  We all know that Propofol doesn't have a reversal agent.  The inhaled gasses, such as sevoflurane usually don't continue working after they are stopped.  The drugs to cause paralysis don't cause grogginess afterwards either.  That's why other drugs are used to cause a lapse of consciousness while paralytics are used.  You don't want chemically paralyzed patients cognizant of being paralyzed and aware of the surgery.  So my bet is on huge amounts of Versed to cause paralysis and amnesia.

Tim over at had his Versed experience due to hernia repair surgery.  I guess that he should be happy he survived the experience at all!  He survived with only problems with his Versed induced brain damage, or whatever this Versed thing is...

Here's the video;  Anesthesia Overdose During Hernia Repair- Patient Dies; NY Trial Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains - YouTube

We need WAY more information about what happened to this unfortunate individual.  It would be very helpful if we knew what the 'anesthesia' consisted of, the exact drugs and dosages.  We also need to know if this lawyer is using 'anesthesiologist' as a generic term to include crna's or 'anesthetists.'  The hospital where *I* went didn't understand that there is a difference between the terms and THEY work with this definition every single day.  I think this is deliberate, but that's another story.

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