Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Special Hole In Hell!

Here is the link to where I grabbed the title! I'm worried about getting a colonoscopy? - Yahoo! Answers I wish I could say I was surprised that a person who seems to be in the medical field would write something like this, but I'm not. Here is their quote.

"Tink" says; "...The twisted individual above me obviously has no understanding of how anesthesia works.....and really needs to see a psychotherapist about being sexually traumatized earlier in life long before they ever learned about anesthesia - - because now all they do is scare the daylights out of people with lies. (Seriously, get some help. It's disgusting to see how you post that about every - every - single post relating to cancer prevention or sedation. How many ill people do you prevent from seeking treatment? There is a special hole in hell for people like that."

Isn't that post special? Prior to bestowing upon us mere mortals their infinite wisdom in the above quote, this person "Tink" tried to dazzle the reader with their medical terminology. It's my belief that "Tink" is probably some mid level medical worker such as a crna, who wishes to show unto us their supreme and God-like knowledge! Where else would they come up with an absolutely ABSURD paragraph such as the one above? Yes we do know how anesthesia works. We know just as much about it as you do and then some. Tell me the exact reason that Versed works the way it does. You don't freakin know, any more than I do.

Maybe "Tink" in their special magnificence can tell us why is it that this poison creates amnesia in some and not others? I want them to dazzle us with their brilliant medical knowledge. So far I'm only impressed with Tink's overweening sense of omnipotence and his/her deranged belief in his/her psychic abilities involved in making medical diagnosis and divining the cause of a patient's dislike of an amnesia drug. Tink is the "twisted individual." Why in the world would Tink immediately jump to a sexual abuse conclusion? With such snide contempt as well. Why would this person ASSUME that just because we don't want an amnesia and patient control drug that causes severe side effects, including death, that we need "psychotherapy" and are all liars? That's nuts.

Anybody who is this hostile over a stupid AMNESIA drug needs a psychological evaluation. Tink needs help, not only with their dangerous lack of empathy and over the top sense of self importance, but also anger management classes would be in order. "Seriously..." I don't know where Tink thinks he/she will be after death, but if there is a Hell, I'm sure that the "special hole" mentioned is already reserved for them.

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