Monday, January 16, 2012

Health Care Costs (doctor blogging)

Here's the link;Our healthcare system is unfair and unbalanced I have talked about the extreme cost of healthcare AND the predatory pricing practices by medical treatment centers. Everybody already knows how I feel about doubling and tripling the cost of a simple procedure via Versed use.

If you read the blogger link I provided above, this doctor understands what we are up against.

My most recent visit to my new gp went like this... Cost of Dr. visit. $75 Very reasonable and picked up by my insurance. I pay $25 of it. Then I need a second visit to do a pap and see if my bp meds were working. Another $75. So far, so good. Another office visit to go over results and check bp again. $75 Here comes the expensive part. A blood screen = $781! Wow! He recommended a colonoscopy for who knows how much? My insurance lapsed so I can't do this even without Versed! He wants a pulmonary test for $? Who knows how much? He wants another pap. How much? My entire adult life I have had to have 2 separate paps each time because of "abnormal" cells which have never been anything but abnormal cells. Lots of wasted money here. He wants a mammogram, which I am not interested in doing prophylactically. Too many false readings and surgery for "suspicious" stuff. But how much does it cost? Then we have a nerve test to see just how much damage was done by my ill-fated ORIF Distal Radius surgeries... How much will that cost? Oh yeah and I need to redo parts of my blood screen to see if anything has changed. You can double this as my husband is going through the same thing minus the female stuff!

So one tiny little visit to the doctor for bp meds has turned into many thousands of dollars of testing alone. So what if they find something? Or at least pretend to find something...

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