Monday, January 16, 2012

Admissions At Last!

I found this post here; CRNA vs MDA - Topix

Aug 15, 2011
newtoeastcoast wrote: "Just transferred to the east coast and saw this thread. One simple way to end this problem is to include the credentials/status (or lack thereof) of the actual person/persons who will be performing the actual anesthesia right on the anesthesia consnet. 1. Your case will be done my a physician anesthesiologist. or 2. Your case will be done by an unsupervised nurse (crna). or 3. Your case will be done by a combo of the above, spelled out. Let the patient decide. Some people want a physician; others are o.k. with a nurse.

One simple way is to read the consent, pa's and first assists perform large parts of surgery this covered by the consent as" others that may be designated" or similar language." (emphasis mine)

If you have read this blog, you know that I retain deep suspicion that my surgeon did NOT perform my ORIF distal Radius surgery. (see below) One reason is that I never saw my surgeon prior to surgery. Where was he? His name appears variously as the assistant and sometimes as the surgeon. Another is the poorly performed surgery. My surgery started over an hour late, maybe the PA decided not to wait any longer? Is this why I was given Versed and g/a, so that I wouldn't know that an unidentified PA would do my surgery? The PA was listed as my attending surgeon in many places on the forms. (The hospital was cited for these irregularities!)

Here is an x-ray of the unprofessional installation of the implants in my arm. It's just the tip of the iceberg.

The post above seems to be proof that PA's and the like, with their 2 whole years of college are allowed to perform intricate surgery on hapless patients. I did NOT give permission for this PA person to perform any part of my surgery, however, just like the above poster says, there is clearly ambiguous language in my alleged "informed" consent. You can see the un-retouched alleged "informed consent" below. The hospital was cited for numerous violations in this uninformed informed consent as well. Anybody who thinks that this is fine needs a psych eval.

Here's the copy of my so-called informed consent. This is ALL of it. As in no additional info or pages to it. This is completely ILLEGAL! (look at the doctor's signature. It's not time stamped. Was he EVER there before or during surgery? Or does he just sign these after the fact? He wasn't anywhere that I saw at the time I signed this phony document. Yet there is his signature purporting to be present and able to answer all my questions...

PS, just so there is no confusion, see the little circle at number 3? That's as far as the nurse got. SHE made the marking. I asked her when the surgeon would get there to answer the rest of my concerns, which she brushed off, acting like he really would show up... See the little star she wrote where she had me sign? Like an idiot I trusted her, only to find out later that she had me sign knowing FULL WELL, that none of the rest of the required information was given... She also knew full well that the minute I signed this, I would be given Versed and the rest is history. DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY IN THE HEALTH CARE FIELD!

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