Monday, January 16, 2012

Does She Sound Like A Pansy?

Once again we have a blog post about Versed, from a generally happy person. She didn't like the Versed! What a huge surprise! (facetious) Her description of how she felt about her Versed trip and the AFTERMATH is pretty much standard, regardless of how medical minions want to deny it. Here is an excerpt from this blog page; Lost morning rockin' the bourgeoisie

"At first, we thought it was kind of funny. But as I learned more about what went on, it isn’t so ha-ha anymore. In fact, I’ve been drowning in alternating feelings of anger, embarrassment, and betrayal.

I’m talking about having my memory stolen."

Sound familiar? Here's another one...

"Now I’ve had a total of 13 different surgeries in my life. I am no stranger to the effects of anesthesia, and I’ve had all kinds of knock-out drugs. But I knew something about this was totally different. It wasn’t Valium or Demerol, and it obviously wasn’t Propofol (the drug on which Michael Jackson overdosed) because there was no anesthesiologist present. So what went on?

When the Thriller told me all the things I did, and got to the part about me putting a date in my Droid, I didn’t believe him. He said, “Get out your phone and look.” The horror I experienced when I saw that I had indeed done it is difficult to describe."

The whole post is interesting, and I encourage everybody who has had Versed and been told that 1) Versed has zero side effects 2) Everybody else just loves this med 3) There is something wrong with YOU if you don't like Versed 4) Nobody, but NOBODY ever objects to this drug and you are a liar and also subhuman! Go read how yet another bright articulate person has a horror of Versed and why.

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