Friday, January 20, 2012

Be On A Show?

Got this from a friend of mine;

Don't know if you've either watched the show The Doctors, but there are some upcoming shows titled "Are You Afraid to go to the Doctor? and "Do You Avoid the Doctor Out of Fear?

Click on "Be on the Show" and see other topics also. Not sure if they'd be interested in our traumatizing sedation experiences since they probably wouldn't want to scare anyone, but what about suggesting a segment on Informed Consent, and how the LACK of it can negatively effect a patient ? (Any other ideas ? )

They give very little time to most subjects, and sugarcoat everything, so although it may seem futile to even email them, if we direct them to websites such as Nomidazolam & VersedBusters, maybe their eyes will be open ?

(I like to think that some doctors out there who are simply ignorant about bad drugs)

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  1. Does anyone know if someone under the influence of versed is physically capable of signing their name?

    I had a heart procedure and in addition to experiencing several adverse effects, I just learned it was a research study. I was not advised in advance that it was a study and risks were not explained. A comprehensive informed consent for a study was not obtained unless it was after I was administered versed.

    I have no memory of anything after versed was administered and for two days while I was in Intensive Care. My memory returned as I was being taken to the Cardiac Care Unit for a few more days.

    I have had difficulty obtaining medical records from this large, well-respected teaching hospital where the procedure took place.

  2. Yes Lulu, there are a few documented examples of people signing their name AFTER being injected with Versed. Of course these are from "suspects" who have been injected with Versed during arrest actions! After they regained their memory they discovered to their horror that they had signed "confessions" and admitted guilt on tape, of which they have no memory.

    My political people claim that for every one person who contacts them, they believe that their are a thousand who feel that way and never called. Using that premise, for every one person who complained about abuse with Versed, there are a thousand which are unhappy and just never complained. So those few "suspects" who have complained, could be thousands. Or maybe, those are just the ones that a news organization has reported on.