Saturday, September 10, 2011

Post From Jenny's Mom

I put this one up from my comments;

StopDU has left a new comment on your post "HEARTBREAKING!":

Thank you so very kindly for your note in response to my post about Jenny. I am so happy to hear your daughter made it through...

But I am very sad to read how Versed really messed you up. This is so tremendously tragic and UNnecessary... We need to raise awareness. I had no idea Jenny would be given something with these lethal effects. (name omitted)

Yes, we do all we can possibly do to try to protect our kids, get them (what we think is) the best care possible, and then... things go wrong with these drugs - things we were never even told could happen... And, adding insult to injury, when dental patients are deprived of Oxygen for so very long after they go south (fairly common in dental offices when these life-threatening emergencies occur)... the kids suffer severe, severe brain damage, often have seizures, go into comas, and eventually stop breathing. This, of course, shatters the survivors' world. Our children die because we were told they "must" have the wisdom teeth removed.

Now I'd rather have her live with crooked teeth. Few people die from having crooked teeth.

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