Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vaccines, Medical Denial and Other Problems

As everybody knows who reads this blog, I was shot up with an "anti anxiety" drug, against my will and for which there was no clinical reason. I was not anxious. I was firm though about not getting any incapacitating drugs, remaining awake and alert and I refused general anesthetic. Instead of following my wishes the crna simply injected me with a patient control drug that he euphemistically called "Vitamin V." In that instant the crna destroyed ALL trust in medicine.

The crna also claimed that I was "very relaxed" after the injection. No honey I wasn't. The crna has no clue as to what I was really feeling. The blood pressure and heart rate acceleration should have told him the opposite was true. I was "very relaxed" before the injection and not after. Then he falsely claimed that I was "screaming in pain and would not hold still." That lie would have worked if I had gotten the amnesia which HE desired and *I* did not. Anyway, since then the medical community has attacked me personally. demanded empirical evidence, you know the kind of evidence that they are desperately trying to prevent! Versed isn't the only problem in the medical community and their refusal to face the truth.

I read this article over on When people decide not to vaccinate their children, I take it personally

Yet another Dr. takes personal choice PERSONALLY! If you don't accede to their demands in re vaccinations, they get upset. Then come all the denials that vaccinations EVER cause harm. The denial that the people responsible for the drug being on the market are the very ones who do the studies. Just because a drug company has a HUGE financial stake in selling these drugs and/or vaccines doesn't make any difference right? Everybody knows that drug companies are the most altruistic companies around and have no desire to make money...

Let me say this. If the medical community LIES and refuses to believe that there is any risk with a drug, they lose credibility. There are risks with vaccines. Look at the boondoggle with the HPV vaccine. Look at the deliberate scare mongering which goes on every single year with the flu vaccines. The side effects are minimized, but by how much? We can't trust anybody to tell us the truth, because it would interfere with attempts to scare us into using their product.

Does anybody know how much it costs for all these childhood vaccines? My insurance company balked at paying for my daughters vaccines about 10 years ago. IT WAS OVER 600 DOLLARS FOR THE NURSE TO GIVE HER A COUPLE OF SHOTS!!! The insurance company only had to pay $100. What a ripoff! This kind of crap makes us suspect that this is only a money making proposition. All of the medical people are talking about how tort reform can save us all kinds of money... Oh REALLY! Vaccine reactions are not prosecutable now are they? If you or your kid get any kind of severe reaction, you are on your own pal! Nobody has any accountability at all for bad reactions to vaccines. HAS IT MADE THEM CHEAPER? Not so I could tell.

Anyway, the above article explains the visceral hatred of medical workers toward all of us who criticise their precious drug Versed and their unholy zeal to inject us ALL with it. IT'S PERSONAL! LOL Amazing!

As an aside for the fear mongering doctor above who is personally affronted by parents choice, why don't we stop importing people with communicable diseases? HMMM? If it's so important to have a vaccination to prevent all these illnesses, doesn't it follow that maybe prevention IS the best way to go? So why put us all at risk for diseases, especially those which we have eradicated in the past and are now coming back from other countries? Maybe its deliberate so that they can sell more vaccinations? Why would you feel animosity towards parents who quite rightly are skeptical of all the "epidemics," "pandemics," and "global threats" when we deliberately import those same diseases? I can't take all this alleged "concern" for disease seriously under these circumstances.

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