Monday, September 5, 2011

New Term For General Anesthetic

I just read a new term for general anesthetic G/A over on! G/A is now called "unconscious sedation!" My God does everything under the sun have to be called "sedation?" I can hardly wait for the courts to take this up! "But your Honor, I merely SEDATED my wife by punching her in the face, I didn't knock her out!" Or how about this one "Your Honor, I didn't kill that man, I just permanently sedated him!"

Come on medical people, enough is enough. Amnesia is NOT sedation. Sedation is a seperate thing from amnesia and you know it! Being ASLEEP is NOT the same as having amnesia. This statement is among the more stupid things I have heard about amnesia. General anesthetic ISN'T "unconscious sedation!" You better know the difference between being out cold and being sedated. Although medical people can't seem to differentiate between the different states. Having AMNESIA doesn't qualify as pain free! (especially since you people are restraining struggling and screaming patients. You know better than that.) Awake and alert isn't being an amnestic zombie. Cooperation isn't mindless "purposeful" obedience to commands. Being DEAD doesn't qualify as having amnesia either. How ignorant. You guys need to start acting like normal people and stop trying to redefine plain English. It makes you look sneaky and uninformed.

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