Saturday, September 10, 2011

Versed For Hair Transplants; I kid you not!

No matter what kind of procedure you go in for, Versed is nearly ALWAYS a part of it! Here's an article about the use of Versed for hair transplants. Subject: David Seager's Comment Valium versus Versed Wouldn't you think that this minor cosmetic stuff could be done without amnesia? Why would people accept a chance of DEATH in order to have a better hair line? Seems to me like you could get the desired hairline AND not risk death (or any of the other myriad side effects caused by using a brain disabling drug like Versed) by simply refusing the sedation.

Some quotes from the article (linked above) "Hospital morbidity and mortality reports for the past decade find IV Versed responsible for death after death. It is a dangerous drug, and in case no one knows, one of the top causes of outpatient surgical death is over-medication with IV drugs. The problem is obviously not seen in every patient, or every practice, but events that can happen one in a thousand cases can kill your patient and career. My opinion is that IV drugs just are not indicated in hair transplantation."

Well thank God this guy gets it almost right... He still thinks that IM (intramuscular) Versed is fine. He mentions the amnesia. Why does everybody need amnesia? Why can't we just have pain killer instead?

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