Saturday, September 10, 2011

NP's and Big Pharma

As everybody knows, crna's (certified, registered, nurse anesthetists) are allowed to pump us patients full of drugs. Apparently whether we want/need them or not. There seems to be NO oversight at all, even in the states that require oversight or "supervision." Did you know that nurse practitioners are also allowed prescribing rights? Here is an article from Dr. Kevin about the cozy relationship between NURSE PRACTITIONERS and pharmaceutical companies.

Nurse practitioners and their relationships with pharma

Here we are, patients fed up with being doped, drugged and abused, physically and mentally in the very places that we should be safe and every day it seems there are more and more people being allowed to do just that. I agree with Dr. Kevin, these nurses should have oversight, just like doctors. If they are slamming drugs into patients or pumping people full of pills, we do need to examine their relationships with big pharma. Look at the stats in the above article and see just how many of these nurses BELIEVE the pharma reps! I think it is direct reverse proportion to the number of nurses who believe the patient when told how bad a drug REALLY is.

Then these same medical workers pretend to be shocked that their patients are becoming violent. We are tired of being treated like dirt! Here is the article about that!

Understanding patient violence against health care workers

In the above article Dr. Kevin has some opinions on the increase of violence in health care. I have some ideas too! (big surprize, right?) How about treating us like human beings instead of lab rats? It doesn't take a lot of time to be pleasant. Yes I can understand the mentally ill people and violent aggressive gang banger types can nudge health care workers into the "screw them all" attitude, but that's not right, any more than it would be right for me to ASSUME that all health care workers are mentally challenged just because a group of them that *I* ran into were. (and some more of them online, but that's another story)

Another hint; If health care workers treat us like animals, then they can't be all shocked and alarmed when we treat them the same. If we can't get your attention and can't get you to treat us like real people, then expect these attempts to escalate into violence with a growing number of patients and their families. If you give us drugs, designed to turn us into amoeba's and destroy our self control, expect that destruction to also have a negative impact on patient behavior. I was violent in the PACU due to Versed and the absolute disregard for me as a person. You can't slap us down like we are nothing, and then expect civility! It just doesn't work like that.

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