Friday, September 30, 2011

Frida Writes!

Thanks for stopping by Frida! Glad you are OK! I have had a reader worried about you not blogging recently, as was I. I am reproducing your comment here, so that the people I'm in contact with can see that they are not the only ones with these problems. Tim over at was an engineer before his Versed debacle.

FridaWrites has left a new comment on your post ""Why I Hate Anesthesia" by Frida":

Thanks for the link to and discussion of my post--though I haven't been blogging for a while, this is an issue I still feel very strongly about. For me, it's a temporary amnesiac rather than a permanent one--and I remember exactly what happens later.

However, I have long-term memory problems from anesthesia, which led to forgetting massive amounts of information I had learned for my job over several years before my surgeries and procedures. I remembered learning it, but nothing of the content. My memory was near photographic before. Also, word retrieval problems persist.

Frida I have a hypothesis that Versed affects bright minds the worst. *I* used to write humorous short stories, but I'm not so good at that any more 6 YEARS later. I've had general anesthetic 6 times prior to Versed and I NEVER had this kind of long term problems with it... Just with Versed.

My story is in these pages and it follows yours pretty much. I remembered everything right up until the general anesthetic, which I had forbidden along with any drugs like Versed. Then I was "awake and alert" afterwards for some time, which I have zero recall of. I have a snippet of the nurse asking me if I knew where I was, and I snapped at her "I'm in the hospital, LEAVE ME ALONE." Next time I came to in mid sentence on my feet in a murderous rage. Very odd. This drug has permanently altered the characteristics of my brain. It's bad stuff for smart people!

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