Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Study Refuting CRNA Claim

On WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG one of the posters claims that people are looking forward to being oblivious of their surroundings. This person feels that most (all?) people want amnesia. Well, here's a study that shows the difference between the PATIENTS reality and that of the nurses. They can be diametrically opposed as we see here.

This is the site; Critical Care Full text A prospective randomised pilot study of sedation regimens in a general ICU population: a reality-based medicine study

Here is the quote "Our recommendations for future sedation studies include the use of measures other than the sedation score to evaluate the adequacy of sedation. Studies conducted in our unit suggest that patients surviving ICU are disturbed by having no memory of that period of their life [23]. Thus, what appears to medical and nursing staff to be an ideal sedative agent, in particular more recently available short-acting anaesthetic agents which provide titratable sedation, but by nature of their very short duration of action allow patients to be heavily sedated without the risk of significant accumulation, may encourage staff to oversedate patients. Despite the patients being 'well-sedated', they may later be disturbed by having no memory whatsoever of their time in ICU. This is an area of ICU practice that requires considerable further study."

"Studies...suggest that patients surviving the ICU are disturbed by having no memory of that period of their life." Wouldn't this be exactly the opposite of what JKW opines? Here's another of the same thing "Despite the patients being 'well-sedated', (this would be according to the medical people and would be THEIR opinion) they (patients) may later be disturbed by having no memory whatsoever of their time in the ICU." This pretty much puts paid to the insufferably arrogant claims by anesthesia about us wanting, desiring and begging for amnesia don't you think? These patients are DISTURBED by their lack of recall. If you are an anesthesia provider, don't you dare claim that since the lack of recall is SHORTER in procedural patients that it isn't just as disturbing to them.

Notice also the "may encourage staff to oversedate patients." Of course it is. No question about it. Given that they all seem to feel that Versed is the most wonderful drug in the world and has zero side effects, what's to stop them? It makes their job so much easier to take care of amnesia afflicted zombies instead of relating to their patients and actually caring for them. FYI there is a law on the books which if followed would put a stop to this... Which is that chemical restraint cannot be used for the convenience of staff. They always always claim that it's for the patients own good, that the patients want and demand it etc. Not exactly... It seems that for the most part Versed is for the ease and convenience of staff.

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