Monday, July 18, 2011

Got This E-mail Today, No Comment Needed


I was just reading your blog about JConnor. You are right. This person does reflect the kind of disrespect and non caring medical person we have been exposed to. As you know I spent 20 yrs. nursing. There are good and bad in the medical field but you, I and the rest of the VERSED VICTIMS know the truth. We are aware that the laws regarding informed consent are lost. Many medical personnel have found the loop holes and know how to cover it up in charts and patient records. Versed is often given with not only lack of consent but with out and out lies. Such is my case where I was told I was receiving Morphine. Versed, morphine don't sound alike at all. Further it is my belief that I was lied to because medical personnel wanted to do what they thought was BEST for me. As it turned out I guess respiratory arrest was BEST for me. Of course I had the usual side effects from Versed. PTSD, depression, long term memory problems that medical people deny happens. Yet I have an answer to a letter from a doctor who confirms these side effects are happening. Also the research to confirm it. And too bad for the people who have used Versed all these years to mistreat patients and leave them too suffer for their BEST interest. There are 841 posts on askthe patient at my last count. Getting close to one thousand. Out of those the average rating is 2.5 out of 5. This is an awful high dissatisfaction rating for such a marvelous drug. Am I angry. You bet I am. I say keep up the good work and do not let people like JConnor stop you from spreading the word. We will no longer allow medical; personnel to treat us like cattle. We will stand up for our rights and we will not allow versed to harm anybody if we can help it. I hope JConnor doesn't end up one of the 10 percent that so many other medical personnel have.

Love you always Linda

PS You have my permission to post this for JConnor to see if you desire.

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