Monday, July 11, 2011

Dr. Kevin's E-mail and Horses

Dr. Kevin always has such fascinating reading on his site. As I was reading through the comments here Private practice medicine will soon become extinct I found the following paragraph in one of the comments. I love it! As a horse owner I am well aware of this particular "problem." I know how to get the message out when medical care is sub standard... Whether it's my horse or ME!

"Out of necessity, I do send clients to the nearest veterinary school center when I’m not available (funerals, CE, root canal). Not popular, and do this with the wrong person and you’ll probably lose both the client and all her friends. The horse-owning population is in communication to an alarming extent. One wrong move, it’s all over FB, IM and the bulletin boards, and you’re toast."

LOL That's right, we horse owners are "in communication to an alarming extent." While we are generally more concerned with our precious horse than ourselves, we do get injured on a regular basis, horses being what they are. I talk about what happened to me, show them my arm and how my fingers and hand don't work so well any more. I name names... I talk a LOT about how my anesthesia nurse assaulted me, and my reaction to Versed as well. Remember that song "I Heard It Through The Grapevine?" Horse people have a great "grapevine" and we're all mostly real local. I sure hope that I was "the wrong person" to treat like dirt.

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