Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Patient Cooperation/Abject Obedience

Recently on WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG an alleged anesthesia nurse took me to task regarding the "patient cooperation" component of Versed/Midazolam. Here's the quote; "Do you REALLY think we give patients Versed so we can have "abject obedience" from the patient? Seriously? WTF. Again - absurd statements like that give you ZERO credibility."

And yet, if you use your search engine and look for Versed/Midazolam+patient cooperation you will find study after study and report after report on just that. I have "zero credibility" for claiming this, but this is exactly what happened to me! I was given Versed and THEN when I couldn't resist them any more, they CLAIM, IN WRITING, that I gave consent for g/a (which I had vigorously declined) by "NOT OBJECTING." It's all in writing folks, there is no way around this one. Aaron told this laughable story to the nursing board AND the board of Health and Welfare. My CRNA of course omitted any mention of Versed OR sedation. It's against the law to 1) give me sedation in any form if I have declined it. and 2) It is illegal to get consent for anything after sedating the patient. and 3) It's illegal to get consent in the negative, I.E. by the patient being unable to object. The CRNA JWK is in complete denial and is attacking me as if that will prove their point. It's another one of those Alice in Wonderland conversations with the mad hatter.

My statement isn't absurd. I WAS given Versed to gain compliance with yet MORE drugs and procedures which I had also declined. Versed was sneaked into my IV with the "simple muscle relaxant" line. What else could Aaron do? I had declined sedation, so he had to do something to get me to do his bidding. Aaron was trying to give me amnesia (which was never mentioned until well after surgery) and he needed to get that "patient cooperation." None of this was for my benefit at all. I still wonder what he was thinking! Did his little fantasy lead him to believe that I would APPRECIATE him doing whatever the hell he wanted to me, against my will? Really? Was he so concerned about his 800 bucks that he wasn't going to let me get away with demanding to go home AMA under the circumstances? (sedation and g/a) Is he conditioned to believe that he "knows whats best" despite all evidence to the contrary? Despite the howls of denial from JWK and all the rest of them, this IS what happened to me. Their denials give them that "zero credibility" that they would like to assign to me...

There are even more "absurd" accusations on WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG, you need to go read them! It's pathetic.

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