Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another E-mail From My Inbox!

Good morning!

Visited your blog and saw that you have aroused the irrational ire of a person identifying themselves as a crna. How completely creepy, and I can't say I am surprised to discover people attracted to that field have bizarre control and hostility problems.

I began to wonder AND WORRY about the complete disregard for a patient's well being some time ago (as you know). I refuse to capitalize the bogus credential some of these people seem to love so much. The one I had a few months back was certainly a complete failure as a professional and a communicator, and Aaron was worse.

Now there is a JConnor with delusions seeking... what? Not credibility, that's clear at this point.

Something about the ability to inject unsuspecting adults with this drug is attracting or creating some very UN-healthy personality and behavior aberrations. The more an intelligent person reflects on the desire of one person to prey on and alter another's consciousness, the more frightening the whole dynamic becomes. It escapes me how this goes largely unnoticed and is touted under the banner of "helping". It is appalling that "medical professionals" (or anyone) would even defend this.

So good for you for outing JConnor. And openly stating a concern for your safety is a very smart move. Terrible position to be in, though.

Why am I not shocked some crna thinks that sort of vitriol is just fine? ICK >:(

Please let me know what support I can be, _______________


I decided to add a bit here. There is a well known quote that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." What does Versed do? It allows medical personnel to obtain absolute power over patients. The added fillip is that (mostly) patients won't even remember their craven obedience and their screams for mercy. It makes me SICK! Giving these medical people absolute power has corrupted them, absolutely. I truly believe that. I imagine them as MONSTERS lurking in shadows of medical centers with syringes full of Zombie drugs. Smirking and sneering at how gullible we are while they take our rights, dignity, memories and our self control. It's a hideous scenario.

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