Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Propofol vs Versed/Midazolam

A lot of medical workers are talking about Propofol. They say that the patient is (variously) asleep, or has amnesia. With sleep, you are not amnestic, you are unaware. You are not generally walking, talking and interacting with others, obeying orders and so forth. If somebody should come upon you while you are sleeping, they would probably know that you are asleep. Unless you are a medical worker. You have AMNESIA according to them, you are not asleep. I guess. These people seem to interchange the words SEDATION, SLEEP and AMNESIA.

Also they are having a problem with me pointing out that "patient cooperation" means abject obedience. Funny how that works. Sedation doesn't mean what normal people think it does, sleeping isn't what we all thought that it was and amnesia is used to describe states of being that do not apply. I know, it's clear as mud...

Which all leads me to this study... Propofol versus midazolam for conscious sedation g... [Endoscopy. 2000] - PubMed result

Here we have an article which describes "patient cooperation" as being much better with Propofol than with Versed. Does that sound like the patient is asleep? How obedient are you when you are asleep? They are describing AMNESIA once again and ominously that creepy "patient cooperation." Don't trust any of it. Unless and until these medical workers can use terminology which is CONCISE and DESCRIPTIVE of the true state of your being and your mind, I wouldn't trust them with any kind of "sedation" drug. They are obviously lying through their teeth about the true nature of Propofol AND Versed/Midazolam. We are not "asleep" with these drugs. We are not "sedated" as in serene, we are mindless zombies. We are capable of feeling and living through torture, but not capable of resistance. We are NOT cooperating in the true sense of the word, we are cravenly obeying their every command. Cooperation denotes a joint effort, a willing participation. Not possible if you are drugged into obedience. I didn't willingly cooperate with anything. I was forcefully drugged into submission.

I would be very leery of accepting Propofol...

I put this post up years ago.  Since then I have had a recent experience with surgery in regards to my daughter's broken clavicle.  Given the choices, we (anesthesiologist, myself and my 17 year old daughter) decided to go with Propofol as the sole agent.  As it turns out, Propofol is NOTHING like Versed.  I cautiously recommend that you speak to your anesthesia provider about this option.  It worked like a miracle for my daughter.  No brain function loss, no long delay in the PACU, it was as if she never had surgery.  Believe me I was very critical in my examination of my girl, and I could see zero ill effects, and she stated there were none.  (updated on 19Nov16)


  1. I recently have had carpal tunnel releases bilaterally. the first one in August went all well; I was awake, very lightly sedated with 50 mcg? mg? ml? propofol for just a minute while he made the cut and pre-of 100mg of Fentanyl. All was great, no anesthesia hangover, and talking and walking a few minutes after. In December I had the other one done, same doc, same facility, different anesthesiologist. It was discussed that I wanted to see procedure being done (I am in medical field) and doc said that I couldn't, had to do it like last time with the curtain so I wouldn't accidently move. It was clear to all that I wanted to be awake. Then, while in pre-op area, they put me OUT and I woke up in the post-op area feeling so drugged. I was MAD and just wanted to get out of there. So, now have my op records and see that the idiot anesthesiologist used 1 mg? of Versed and 70 mcg? mg? ml? of Propofol and there is some other drugs listed on the anesthesia record and another on the controlled drug accounting that I cannot even begin to read. WHAT did they give me? I was a zombie for 3 days afterward. Anyway, just wanted to share this story and I am going to follow up on it. There needs to be transparency and real CARE by the docs and hospitals.

  2. Anonymous, please do write back. I am curious to know what the sam hill they did to you! You can also write a full story if you want, just e-mail me at I will never share your e-mail address or print anything you don't want me to. Thanks for posting this. I want to make everybody aware that anesthetists have gone rogue and are doing things to us that we specifically decline.