Friday, April 1, 2011


"Patients that have received excellent communication about their conditions, and the risks and benefits of treatments vs. non-treatment (opting out), are seldom if ever disappointed with their medical care. Even when a bad outcome occurs, patients and families are grateful for the efforts on their behalf, and for honest and open communication." and; "This is why communication, or lack thereof, is at the core of most suits. Angry patients and families are the ones that sue." and this; "Interestingly, there’s a growing body of knowledge about hospitals adopting a culture of apology, assuming less defensive postures. The early experience indicates there is greater satisfaction on both sides with this practice." These are from this site; Why patients file medical malpractice lawsuits We patients want to be treated with respect. We are entitled to complete information about any type of medical intervention contemplated. Slamming Versed into our veins without permission, information or consent is the ultimate "screw you" to a patient! Not only are we not being given the normal information such as "This drug is to create amnesia in you. You will be awake and aware, talking but you will probably not remember a thing." We are also not getting this discussion; "We want you to obey us without question. This drug will make you extremely obedient. It makes our job easier for these 2 things to happen." Last but by no means least, here's what else needs to be divulged, "This drug has been KNOWN to cause memory problems well after the drug is discontinued. This drug can also cause PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, anger issues and other problems in some patients." THEN, if the patient CHOOSES to risk this because of severe fear, anxiety etc. then the side effects will not come as a shock to them. Remember, patients do NOT LIKE SURPRISES! The number one cause of malpractice suits is (ta-da) SURPRISE! All the drug companies honestly advertise the side effects of their medications and there is no reason that health care workers should conceal the effects and side effects of Versed. No matter how much medical people may like this drug for THEMSELVES it is still the patients decision as to whether or not they want to endure this drug for themselves. And yes, my CRNA and every single one of the nurses who approved, facilitated, concealed and otherwise conspired to give me Versed against my wishes OWES ME AN APOLOGY!


  1. All of us who have been misled/tricked/deceived/betrayed about Versed are owed an apology from our health care providers. I don't know which is worse: the fact that I had a traumatic experience or the fact that the doctor/nurses didn't care. I received no compassion or understanding from them whatsoever. Is this what health care has deteriorated to ?

  2. Call me another angry and unhappy patient: but I don't think any of the perpetrators can ever apologize enough. I'd like to hope they can change and mend their dehumanizing ways.
    For me, an apology would be too little and too late, and they can't take back what they did.
    Besides, at this point, I'd probably think it wasn't sincere anyway.