Monday, April 11, 2011

E-mail From a Reader...

This e-mail was good enough to include it without any commentary from me. I didn't write this, just so you know, people other than me have had problems with the perfect drug Versed! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

First the "bad" quote :

" In one hospital where I used to work, we were not involved in the GI cases, and we jokingly called screening colonoscopies "screaming" colonoscopies "

( quote from "Pangolin" @

And now the "good" quote:

"I find that Versed adds virtually nothing to propofol sedation. You might give it for excessively anxious patients in preop or pediatric patients, but most adults can handle the brief 2 minute or less transport from preop into the procedure room. They may say that they need something to calm them down but when you explain to them that Versed will prolong their post procedure stay for up to an hour, most people won't mind a little anxiety before the start of the procedure"


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