Monday, April 11, 2011

"Unnecessary" Operation

This is a quote from a Martin Young commenting here; Why patients seek a second opinion "...There’s no such thing as an ‘unnecessary’ operation. Someone, or more correctly, several people either need the operation or would like to see it happen. The patient need not be among them..." This pretty much explains the huge problem with medical care today. "The patient need not be among them." This is what I ran into. I did NOT want surgery, but people other than me "would like to see it happen." I was lied to by a charlatan about the risks and or benefits of the proposed surgery in order to facilitate HIS best option. My needs were subordinate to his. Ditto for my anesthesia "team." What they wanted was entirely at odds with what *I* needed and was performed as they wanted it, with complete and total disregard for what *I* needed and wanted. What a succinct and frightening summation of medical care this man points out!

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