Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Killer Cure" by Elizabeth L. Bewley

I got a new book today! I happened to stumble upon a blog online and liked what I read! I was so surprised to hear somebody else talking about what happened to all of us who objected to Versed. Anyway, this is a really good book, and it answers some of the questions I have asked on this blog about medical care... Here's an excerpt;

"When a patient reports facts that don't square with the doctor's assumptions, it's often the facts that get discarded. To account for taking this approach, doctors often discount concerns of vital importance to patients, or fail to consider their perspective, leaving them feeling diminished."

There's lots more. Chapters about being a mushroom in regards to our own health care, deliberately kept in the dark and fed bs. There are some chapters about why doctors feel that they are God, and what happens when we try to get information. It's a really good book and is absolutely on point as to what happened to all of us who were assaulted with Versed AND/OR had terrible sloppy surgery done without regard for our health and well being. Thanks Elizabeth!

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