Thursday, April 14, 2011

"MINIMAL" Sedation

I snatched this post from a recent Yahoo answers. Tell me why there is any reason to trust ANYBODY who can get their hands on sedation drugs? Here's the question;

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Midazolan minimum dose for sedation (colonoscopy)?

I asked for a colonoscopy sedation with a minimum accuracy to be aware and follow the procedure (which may, if necessary to increase) I received: propofol induction 50mg + 5mg midazolan Maintenance: propofol 50 mg bolus. Can anyone tell me if this dose corrisoponde a minimal sedation, conscious and alert as I have specifically asked for (and as I was guaranteed?) the effects were similar to a deep sedation, which I did not want how to evaluate the dose received? Was that a minimum sedation as I wanted? thanks for an answer Ilaria from Italy


Does anybody wish to address why this person who requested and "was guaranteed" minimum sedation was given *5* mg of Midazolam/Versed and an additional 100mg dosages of Propofol? This is absolutely NOT what this patient wanted. They were very reasonable about this, even saying that the medical personnel could increase the dosage IF NECESSARY. Why was all this "necessary" when the patient clearly wanted a different experience? This is one of those "Who the Hell do you think you are?" moments towards the person who shot this patient full of drugs in violation of this person's stated interests and wishes. This action, taken by a person or persons in a position of trust is morally reprehensible. It's sick and twisted. Made worse by the fact that most patients TRUST the medical provider to do no more than is absolutely necessary and certainly no more than the patient wants, regardless of whether some fool with a syringe thinks it's "necessary." Just one more example of how patients are treated like condemned prisoners, and are devoid of any rights, human dignity, or respect. This person was attacked and shot up with LARGE DOSES of drugs, clearly overdosed with respect to what the patient requested and "was guaranteed."

For you medical people; If you can't do it the way a patient wants, don't do it! Don't assume that you know best, and that the patient must bow to YOUR DESIRES! It's not your job impose your will on a helpless patient. It isn't your decision to make. Why oh why would you think that we patients would appreciate this kind of supreme arrogance?

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