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The following "answers" are from Ronald Levy, M.D. - Anesthesiology - Medical Specialists - Health/Fitness He's one of the anesthesia experts from They are examples of just how bad our anesthesia providers have become. We cannot say "NO" to Versed (and probably lots more) we are not in charge of our own bodies, and informed consent is absent in these comments. What is the point of informed consent if; a) they don't ask you if you find their amnesia/obedience drug acceptable, b) they will refuse to treat you without this drug, and c) they categorically deny that long term memory loss, well documented by PATIENTS (the anesthesia providers mind reading and extrasensory perceptions not withstanding) and all the rest of the Amydalla driven mental disorders caused by their precious Versed How do patients assert their right of autonomy WITHOUT having treatment withheld as shown below? Do we REALLY have to die in order to avoid the mind melting drug Versed? Is that what this is about? Submit to our horror show drug or crawl home and die? Anyway here are just 2 answers about Versed from Dr. Levy. Very scary to me. "Absolutely you can ask for some sedation prior to surgery (and they should give it to you whether you ask or not. Make sure to tell your next anesthesiologist that you had awareness with your previous general anesthetic so they can take appropriate precautions." Ronald Levy, MD Professor of Anesthesiology UTMB-Galveston On the above "answer" the patient allegedly had anesthesia awareness! The real kind, not the kind caused by the unpredictable amnesia of Versed. Anyway, I put this in here because of this statement; "...(and they should give it to you (sedation IE Versed) whether you ask or not." Unfortunately this is what is happening. As a patient this should scare you! They are giving us a drug without our permission, no informed consent and WORSE even if you refuse this type of medication. This drug is not a simple sedative like Valium or Nyquil. This Versed is a full on psychotropic drug designed to TOTALLY DISRUPT YOUR BRAIN! In my opinion Versed shouldn't even be classified as a sedative because it isn't. How many times do these medical people have to see increased heart rate and blood pressure after they administer this poison before they recognise that O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y this is not sedating the patient, merely causing muscle flaccidity! Our minds are fine in those immobilized bodies! Why do you think that so many of us have PTSD afterwards? The amnesia only works (if it does) after the torture! While it is going on we are cognizant! Yet medical people feel that this is OK! Here's the next one; Answer "First of all, the memory issues your friend has is unrelated to Versed. Versed causes antegrade amnesia meaning that from the time you get it until up to 6-12 hours after the procedure you may have no memory of what happened (which is often a good thing). If your firend's memory loss includes time before the procedure or after 24 hrs afterwars, it is not Versed. That being said, the combination of the 3 drugs is actually a good combination because you need less of each of the drugs because they work synergistically with each other. There is no reason why the CRNA couldn't remove the Versed if you so insisted and she was incorrect to insist on that. I would write a letter to the appropriate people regarding that. Please bear in mind that Propofol also has amnestic effects so if you are willing to accept Propofol, you should have no problem with Versed either, but you are the patient and that is your choice. Next time I would arrange with the anesthesia provider ahead of time to follow your wishes. In the CRNAs defense, all I can say is that, like a patient, she doesn't have to do anything she feels uncomfortable with. It is likely that this is all the CRNA does and she has gotten into a pattern that she knows works and doesn't feel comfortable changing her routine. That is not an excuse. She should be able to provide any type of sedation." Good Luck, Ronald Levy, MD Professor of Anesthesiology UTMB-Galveston Here we have the "denial" from medical providers that I have written about at length previously. Right in the very first sentence of the answer the Dr. is calling patients who have experienced the brain damage from Versed liars. He claims (without any proof at all) that Versed can't cause this. False statement. Versed can cause prolonged memory loss and it DOES do this. I have a number of people that have had this long term memory problem from one experience with Versed and lots of people who have had prolonged use of Versed (ICU) have POCD. They have less or no POCD if medical people don't assault the patients brains with Versed. There are few scientific studies which back me up on this! How much more proof do they need? I can't fathom it! In the last part of the "answer" the doctor opines that the CRNA "has gotten into a pattern that she knows works and doesn't feel comfortable changing her routine." This is something I have also said in this blog, many times. Anesthesia PROVIDERS need Versed, not patients. If this CRNA is so scared and incompetent that she can't provide proper care for patients without Versed and respect their right not to have it, then she should NEVER be allowed to work on a patient again. There is absolutely no excuse for her actions in regard to Versed use. Lastly, do NOT buy in to the esteemed doctors comparison between Versed and Propofol. They are entirely different drugs; why else would some anesthesia providers use both? Does that make sense to you? With propofol you are asleep, not just amnestic! The problem lies with anesthesia stating that when you sleep at night you have amnesia. This explanation minimizes the horror of Versed. With Versed you are tortured and you know it, you are AWAKE and feel everything, you just can't remember it later. (usually) I have another post about how colonoscopy doctors want a sound proof room, somewhere well away from the other patients. Why would they want this, hmmm? Ever wonder why somebody would be screaming? It's not because they are asleep. It's because of Versed. There is no way to determine amnesia, so the continue blithely on. That my friends is why the CRNA refused to treat the patient without using Versed. She WANTED to be able to torture with impunity, counting on Versed amnesia to hide the fact that she is not adequately trained.

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