Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update on "Minimal Sedation" Post

I got this e-mail from the person who advised me about the yahoo question in my previous post. Here's what they think...


That post I sent you about "Minimal Sedation" has been deleted from Yahoo Answers ! (I wanted to see if anyone had responded to the question, and it now says "This question has been deleted." It's gone !) That has never happened before.

Why would that be ? Too many people viewing it? (If so, that must mean lots of medical people are reading your blog even if they're not posting any comments...and obviously, someone didn't want anyone to see what really happens to patients who request "minimal sedation" !"

I don't know what to think! I know that medical people will defend Versed with their dying breath. They will NOT hear anything against it, so it may be that somebody requested that the question be removed lest others tell the truth about the questioner's predicament. As for deleting the question... It's here on this blog and it's not going anyplace. The only way I will remove that question is if the person who posted it e-mails me and asks me to! And it better be the patients name as shown on the question IN the e-mail address and it better have Italy as country of origin in the I.P. Of course I would try to delve further into their debacle, and enlist their help in getting the word out about "sedation" practices...

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