Sunday, August 11, 2013

NYTimes Article On ICU Induced Mental Problems

I got this link from another Versed sufferer.  I haven't asked her if I can use her moniker, so she is not named.  It frightened both of us.  We NEVER want to be in the ICU....

Here's what she wrote; "It's WAY WORSE than I thought! No way do I EVER want to be in ICU for any reason. If I ever have to be, my husband had better be allowed to be with me ALL the time."

Here's the link she sent; Nightmares After the I.C.U. -

I'm not sure what the person in the article was given along with the Versed to chemically straight-jacket her, but I can guess either Ketamine, the street drug gaining popularity in medical circles or the old hallucinogen Demerol.  This is what happens when you screw with people's brains for no particular reason except to make sure they don't bother the nurses.  There are pain killers and sedatives which don't involve this kind of nightmare but which may require more attention from our overpaid and under worked medical personnel. 

This article correctly identifies the MAIN CULPRIT, which is sedation via benzos.  Well hallelujah!  At last our concerns are being taken into consideration by medical people.  I knew they couldn't hide it forever.

I am very sorry that these horrifying events had to happen to medical people themselves before they took our "anecdotal" accounts into consideration.  If the medical community had listened to us, maybe they themselves wouldn't have been subjected to the same torture that we endured. 

This article VERIFIES every single detail that I and others have been railing about for years.  Thanks to the NYTimes and the brave medical workers who have come forward about this and joined us "tin-foil hat" people.

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