Sunday, August 11, 2013

Allergy to Versed

As everybody who reads this blog should know, I hate Versed.  I hate everything about it, including what it does to the psyches of the Versed pushers.  This drug has no redeeming social value, or medical value according to me the all-knowing, all-seeing, majaJackie.  (stolen from Rush Limbaugh.  Now you know my political leaning.)  You should also know that I only want the truth and nothing but the truth to be spoken or written by ME or anybody else.  Here's what happened to me in the ER with regards to Versed.

When asked if I had any "allergies" to drugs I replied NO, I DO NOT HAVE ANY TRUE ALLERGIES TO DRUGS!  This is the truth.  An allergy in this context is a bad physical response to drugs.  I don't have that.  However I mentioned that Versed was NEVER to be used, not for any reason at any time.  Of course I got the gimlet eyes.  "Why don't you want Versed?" asked the medical worker in a snippy voice.  I looked her right in the eyes and said "I will try to kill you all.  Even if you drag my husband in here, he will be too scared of me to do you any good.  DON'T give it to me under any circumstances."  She quickly turned away and wrote ALLERGY TO VERSED on my intake documents.

We did talk about it some more.  I told her that apparently Versed made my amygdala go into hyper overdrive.  I told her that it was 3 MONTHS before I could sleep again.  I told her that this drug turned me into a monster, completely controlled by my "lizard brain."  Since I was speaking in a normal, conversational tone, I think it was more believable than if I gave her a bunch of crap about it, like I do some of the people who write to me here.  Whether or not I would ultimately have received Versed from some moron who can't read a chart remains to be seen, but at least in this encounter they took me seriously.  AND I didn't have to lie about it or be subjected to any more grilling about my refusal of Versed.

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