Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Why I Love Versed"

I found this blog while searching the internet.  The Things Patients Say...: Search results for versed

Here's the whole essay;
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I love Versed...
Versed is a miracle drug, in my experience. You see, one of the primary side-effects of Versed is that it causes memory loss. Now, don't get any funny ideas about that, you can't drop it in someone's drink or anything, but it keeps people from remembering rather horrible things we do to them, so it has its uses.

My first experience using the drug was in my intern year. I was on nights with a less-than-stellar upper level resident, so I did most of the work. We were called to a patient's room by one of the nurses and told that his foley catheter was stuck. I tried unsuccessfully to remove it, but were stopped when he yelled because of the pain.

Resident: "How are we going to get this thing out?"

Me: "Hold on, I have an idea. Nurse, go draw up two milligrams of Versed and bring it in here."

*Nurse walks out of the room and returns in a minute or two*

Resident: "Now what?"

Me: "You take that empty syringe and pull back hard on the bulb to remove the air. I'll pull the foley out."

Resident: "And that will work?"

Me: "We'll see. Nurse, go ahead and give him that Versed."

At this point I gave it about a minute to work, then had the resident pull back on the syringe while I promptly just pulled the foley out. The patient gave a brief scream, then kind of a whimper and a curse directed my way, but the foley did come out and there did not appear to be any other damage. I walked back out of the room and wrote a brief note about what we did. I walked back into the room about three minutes later to see the patient.

Patient: "Who are you?"

Me: "No one of consequence."

And with that I walked back out.

 I wrote a response to this essay which the blog administrator decided to delete.  Why is that?  Well, that's because I asked a pertinent question about the event described by the author.  There is something missing from the narrative.  Can you see what it is?   Where is the "informed consent" for "conscious sedation"?
This whole post of his/hers is insulting to patients from the beginning with the "miracle drug" reference right through the hash tag "betterthantheMenInBlackneuralizer"  At least patients can see that this drug isn't for THEIR benefit, it's for the ease of hospital staff.  Why else would this person have a nurse give Versed instead of a pain killer?  " (Versed) keeps people from remembering the rather horrible things we do to them..."  So the Versed is used to conceal the sadistic acts of the medical personnel.  Does this seem even remotely like it's for the patients own good?  Or does it sound like cya to you?   "No one of consequence" exactly coincides with my own opinion of the author.  Too bad this cretin has access to brain poison and USES IT indiscriminately without consent from the patient.  (according to how the essay is written) 

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