Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Discussion On Midazolam/Ketamine

Here is the link:ketamine without versed | Anesthesiology | Student Doctor Network

If you have read my other posts, you know that I object to drugs which merely alter our perceptions and do not alleviate pain, or knock us out.  I think it's abhorrent to create amnesia, or in the case of Ketamine, subject us to frightening hallucinations that put us in another reality.  So now we have to fear both!

What about patients like me who refuse DEMEROL because we don't like the hallucinations?  I believe Demerol hallucinations are tame compared to the nightmares of Ketamine.  Ketamine seems to unlock the part of the brain where NIGHTMARES are created.  Do we really need this?  So they unlock the crazy terror producing part of the brain, AND attack another part of the brain as well trying to force the brain not to remember.  I'm not really understanding the premise.  Isn't it the dissociative reaction to Ketamine designed to cause disruption in cognitive function?  So you use another drug to cause disruption in cognitive function on another front as well?

 I admit that I haven't studied brain function in regards to Ketamine like I have Versed...  I'm not expecting some obnoxious medical worker to give it to me against my will, but we all know what happened (if you have read this blog) when I forbade sedation.  I got Versed anyway.  So now will I get Ketamine as well?  Will Ketamine work as expected and subject me to terrifying visions?  (What a fabulous idea for a drug!  NOT!)  Will I go out of control like I did with Versed?  Will my brain ever regain its composure after Ketamine?  I'm still not the same after the Versed debacle.

Here's a quote from the above link:  "I only give Ketamine to people who don't mind a little hallucination."  Do you believe it?  Do you trust that this criteria will be met?  Or do you think that, like my experience with Versed, the medical worker will give it without telling you?

BTW Here is a video that is linked to the article linked above...Keta-Mean - YouTube  Do you seriously trust ANY medical worker who makes the false claim that VERSED is "happy juice"?  In the video he goes on talking and explaining things to the phantom patient (who sounds like an idiot, is this another window into how we patients are viewed by medical people?)  What moron would explain ANYTHING to a patient who has received Versed?  Doesn't he know that Versed usually causes amnesia?  HAPPY JUICE!  Are you kidding me?  This is the explanation for the devastating effects of Versed?  No AMNESIA?  No ABJECT OBEDIENCE?  No SIDE EFFECTS?  You know those little items like emotional volatility, Alzheimer's-like symptoms lasting far beyond the life of the drug?  As in permanent brain damage?  PTSD?  Does this medical moron (according to the video) even CONTEMPLATE the 10% or so of patients who DON'T get amnesia?  Well, you can bet *I'M* contemplating it, and it's the stuff nightmares are made of without the Ketamine.

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