Saturday, May 25, 2013

Posts Regarding Versed Problems Continue Unabated...

I suggest that the people who doubt my recitations on this blog look at some other places as well.  Look at or  There are many other places to read about what Versed has done to people like me (and maybe you) 

There is also a movie being advertised on my cable network called "Side Effects".  I have every intention of renting it, maybe tonight.  It may have some basis in fact, maybe the "Accutane" (tm)debacle wherein a perfectly normal guy with ACNE was sent on a murderous rampage by the drug.  Coincidentally (or sinisterly) Accutane was made by the same company which gave us Versed.  Or maybe it will be like the drug in "Jumpin' Jack Flash" that caused Whoopy's character to go out of control.  (apparently Versed)  We'll have to see.

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