Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This is MY blog

(I thought this post was just too mean to the poor little mid-level providers so I took it down.  However I have received a couple of e-mails wanting it back.)

Just a reminder for those who want to comment...  This is my blog and *I* get to decide unilaterally what I will put up.  YOU have no control over it.  So for all you medical people who think that your comments MUST be displayed, think again.  I exercise CENSORSHIP in any manner which I see fit!  Get over it.  Get some help with your "narcissistic personality disorder".  I'm not a trained mental health professional and besides, it isn't up to me to help you with your problems.  Get professional help.  I know it's hard when you are suffering under the delusion that you know all, see all and control all.  You know the old cliche about how the (mentally) sickest people who need the most help are the ones who don't/can't/won't recognise that they need help. 

Rest assured that I DO peruse your little comments and usually get a good laugh out of your pathetic attempts to denigrate me.  I just won't publish them if I don't feel like it.  My prerogative.  There is nothing you can do about it, so MOVE ON!  LOL


  1. Now I know you are speaking about yourself in your little rant..LOL. "I know it's hard when you are suffering under the delusion that you know all, see all and control all" This is exactly how you come across. Hellfire and be dammned that a midlevel provider has any education. I point all of my friends here for the entertainment quality of YOUR blog...LOL. The only reason you wont publish all comments is that you are inferior in intelligence to the overwhelming majority of healthcare providers that you try to's not working! Ahhhh...versed....its what's for breakfast!

  2. I might add that this is exactly how you yourself come across. How does it feel to have me model your behavior for you? I have never once said that mid level providers have no education. Where did you come up with that? What's that mental health disorder where you foist your own inadequacies and feelings off on others? Transferance? As for the "not working" part, oh yes it is. You are all lathered up over it. I don't publish all comments because *I* don't have to. If they don't add anything to the discussion or are too blatantly hostile, I don't put them up. How do you figure that this culling of comments has anything to do with the alleged intelligence of health care minions? What has it got to do with my own intelligence? I don't follow the logic. Unfortunately logic isn't one of your strong points JConnor.

    Here's another childhood rant that reminds me of you in this particular post...I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! Remember that John? Get a grip. GROW UP!!!

    I would be the first to write about knowing all, seeing all and controlling all, if that's how I felt or what I wanted. When have you EVER known me to pussyfoot around an issue?

    What I can't figure out is what you want from me. Why are you here? Do you imagine that your comments are going to change my mind about you? Do you think that you are "putting me in my place"? Do you really think I give a flying fladdodle about your pathetic and sophomoric attempts to ridicule me? None of this works on me unless I have respect and admiration for the other party. Ummm, that's not true in your case, my man.

    Somehow this isn't getting through to you. I'm not sure why because I speak plain English without inuendo or subtleties.