Saturday, May 25, 2013

Doctors And Nurses Are Not The Same.

"Doctors and nurses are simply not one and the same" is the title of a post from Dr. Kevin's blog.  It's author is a Dr. by the name of Kenneth Elmassian D.O.  Dr. Elmassian is also the director of the Michigan State Medical Society.  He has a lot more on his resume if you google him him can read the list.  I put that up because I know that (some) nurses are going to gnashing their teeth at some mere physician saying such blasphemous things about the difference between their position and a DOCTOR'S position. 

ASA: Doctors and nurses are simply not one and the same

The comments get really good.  It's amazing that ANYBODY would put their welfare into the hands of advanced practice nurses who display this attitude.  Do they realize that the general public gets to read this stuff?  Do they understand that they are alienating everybody, patients and doctors alike?  Are they so used to forcing their patients to obey them a la Versed that they begin to think that they are masters of the universe?  Who knows. 

I personally don't recall my nurses strutting around acting like this prior to the advent of Versed.  Maybe they had to PRETEND that they were caring?  After all patients with their full faculties are more liable to complain about any heavy handed surly treatment they receive aren't they?  Patients without Versed on board don't necessarily obey them immediately like zombies, do they?  Patients sans Versed have to be treated like human beings!  With Versed these medical people devolve (in my opinion) into some kind of sadistic monsters.  They are now so used to acting like petty tyrants that they display this attitude for all of us to see.  Most of us don't like it.  I know *I* don't.

Versed is a bad drug on so many fronts it's amazing that the medical profession has kept on using it.  It's HARMFUL to patients and it appears to be harmful to the people, especially mid level providers, who inject it.  It changes the personalities of both.  IN MY OPINION! 

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