Monday, April 22, 2013

Anesthesiologists Are Victims...

From Dr. Kevin's blog;  Anesthesiologists are victims of their own success 

A lot of this stuff is true for crna's as well.  Why do we need exorbitantly paid nurses for sedation?  We don't.  Most of us don't need sedation either.  Anyway, this article is germane to the issue of cost control.  Check out the comments at the bottom, where, drum roll please, the crna's pipe up as usual with their arrogant sneering.  How in the HELL are patients supposed to be able to interact with these self proclaimed demi-Gods of nurses, when these mid-level providers can't even get along with anesthesiologists, whose education is FAR superior to their own?  Haven't we been subjected to enough abuse from these minions yet?

PS a crna admits that people on Versed babble on in the comments section.  He says that ortho's don't want to hear it.  So, anybody who is telling you that you are not spilling your guts while you're under the influence of Versed is a LIAR!  Dan says so.  He also told me to "name your poison" so it seems that Dan the crna is cognizant of the fact that Versed is POISON.  Imagine that.  Yes I know he didn't mean it literally, but I was very interested that he chose that particular phrase.  It's a Freudian slip in my opinion.  A bubble from his subconscious..

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