Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Insanity From Arrogant Nurses

I decided to allow anonymous postings here again...for a little while to give me something to write about!  Get a load of this arrogant little nurse.  Of course I am happy to correct any misperceptions this nurse has about his/herself.  Keep in mind that this is the kind of tripe I expect from nurses who specialize in anesthesia!

Here's the first one.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tammy Wynette Dead From VERSED?":

Any drug can be lethal if not properly used. You can overdose on Tylenol, you know? Perhaps you should start telling people that healthcare workers are evil because they administer Tylenol or Advil. Versed is a safe drug. However, it is not safe when administered by someone who is not an RN, CRNA, or MD. By the way, what credentials do you have that make you an expert on this "evil" drug?

First we start with the trite and stupid phrase that I have seen time and time again from medical minions.  "Any drug can be lethal if not properly used."  OMG, I had NO IDEA that this was true!  I could actually overdose on Tylenol!  Who knew?  (heavy sarcasm)  I wonder how much Tylenol I would have to take to destroy my brain like Versed did?  Do you think it would take more than 2 mls? 

Should I tell people that healthcare workers are evil because they administer Tylenol or Advil?  Ummm, no, cupcake, that's not the point now is it?  Tylenol and Advil are over the counter PAIN medications that as far as I know do NOT cause people to have amnesia.  Nor do these drugs create an abnormal obedience.  They do not typically cause dementia either, now do they?  What a stupid comparison...  Really?  This is what you want to compare VERSED to?  No wonder we patients are being overdosed with Versed in such a cavalier way by snotty medical workers.  They equate Versed with aspirin!  Versed is actually an ANTI anesthesia drug, in that it causes patients to feel pain more acutely.  I have the studies on the blog.

Versed is NOT SAFE no matter who administers it.  I'm not only talking about actual death resulting from Versed even though there is plenty of evidence to show that people do die from having Versed administered by an RN, crna, or MD.  That's the truth.  I'm talking about the devastating effects from this drug on brain function post injection.  By the way, who gets to administer this drug anyway?  I have yet to have anybody threaten to give it to me who isn't in the medical field.  I hope this cretin knows that Versed can be used by street people (allegedly) to control seizures.  Funny that this "safe" drug that can actually cause seizures and is (allegedly) being used to control them.  (I say allegedly because this use of Versed is an OFF-LABEL USE! The FDA frowns on this kind of behavior, not that this nurse would care.)

What credentials do I need to have had a bad experience with this poison?  What credentials do I need to research this evil drug?  I will tell you this my high and mighty medical worker, my IQ is still higher than yours even after you people tried to completely obliterate it with Versed.  I AM an expert on this particular subject.


  1. Versed is used daily in pediatric hospitals and EMS to stop Status Epilepticus and you didnt know this? Arent you the expert on versed? It's a great drug used in the right situation. BTW it doesnt cause seizures....did you just make that one up?? Also, Love your entertaining blog and have for years!! Cheers darlin!!

  2. Why John did you think I have learned NOTHING from you? Of course I know what you are doing. I'm trying to get you to stop! ROFL! BTW I'm very glad to see you qualify your remarks with "the right situation." I disagree about ANY situation being right to inject Versed as you well know.

    Versed DOES cause seizures. I wish you would do your homework. Look it up yourself because OBVIOUSLY you don't want to believe a word I say.

    I wondered where you had gotten yourself off to. Happy to hear from you again.

  3. PS Thanks for the compliments. I try to be entertaining rather than boring and I guess for you at least, I am. Thanks again.

  4. Hey John, do you like it best when I get all arrogant-like? I have a teenage daughter who is teaching me well, don't you think? I mean, just because she is going into her junior year in (prep)high school at 14 with a 3.932 gpa (she hates AP World History) doesn't mean she should teach me the ins and outs of supreme disdain for those who can't hold a candle to us does it? Soon she will be every bit as bad as anesthesia nurses, but with more reason to be arrogant. Life is sweet! She will never have her brain vandalized by Versed if *I* can help it. If not I'm sure the monetary payout will keep her in comfort for life. She's lucky to have a totally defiant parent like me having her back. Good thing we don't live in Texas isn't it?